--- The new video "Psychoslogic" ---

It's coming together with most of the footage already filmed. It is on the way to becoming another classic. The team is tighter and skating has evolved dramatically. Definitely not lacking in crazy ideas from the lads pushing the video once again into a category of its own. Got to thank, Security Productions for assisting in the filming of the last year. The Wee Dog Slaine, has got one creative eye, giving the video a good new feel and professional filming.Click to see the cover.

----------------THE WINGED SHOE OF PAZUZU by KJELL--------------

This Shoe is part of the exhibition on a tour around the world with "The Sneaker Pimps". The Sneaker Pimps have been organising exhibitions around the world for the past three to four years. It has been a huge success in exhibiting rare limited sneakers. This tour also had shoes on display from 101 artists around the world with some crazy art work, like the Winged Shoe. The exhibition consisted of about 800 shoes. First stop for the shoe was Hong Kong where it made a magazine article in Milk shoe mag. For further details on tour dates and destinations visit www.sneakerpimpsusa.com

----------------- THE WORLD AGAINST TOURISM ------------------- resented by SECURITY PRODACTION

This video was released last May.Slaine the man to put this project together giving you a good look at the Northern Irish skate scene,in Portrush, Belfast (the monkey birds) and the tour to hook up with the Diced Chicken freaks in Sydney Australia and Croatia. This video has some creative shots, different spots, some crazy drops, all combining to make this one entertainment pack worth seeing. Order your limited edition security DVDs now. For more information e-mail Slaine.